Monday, February 1, 2010

February's Contest

Okay so for the month of LOVE I wanted to start a funny contest after all I want a crafty corner to be a place where all crafty imaginations can run wild.

Have you ever gone to the craft store and lied of where you were going to your husband? Or have a funny ways to sneak in craft supplies? I want you to share your funny story and one lucky winner will win
This contest will run through the end of month.


  1. Yes Fanny, I think anyone addicted to scrapbooking has done this. I used commute and went past Micheals in Monroe 2x a day. I would collect coupons from coworker that were good for a week. So like every other day, I'd stop in and make my several purchase. I would hid them in my work bag and when hubby wasn't looking I'd bring my purcahses to my scrap room. Men never can keep track of a women's necessary stock of supplies :)

  2. Hi Fanny it was good to see you the other day at Panera. Well my funny story is my hubby loves pizza everytime he would order I would say oh I'll go get it for you because there used to be a scrapbook store next to the pizza place boy do I miss that store. I wonder if he has caught on since I always just have it delivered now lol

  3. Good one Tracy.... Try hiding a cutting mat under your coat. Me and my sisi fanny went to joann to buy fabric and I saw the self healing mat for sale. I had to have it! we were cracking up on the way in and it fell and I got caught. lol.