Monday, March 7, 2011

Scrap Pack ( First time teaching a class)

Hi ladies, I want to share this special moment with all of you. God gave the opportunity to teach a class at my church, to some wonderful ladies (Scrap Pack). This was my first time teaching and at first I was nervous but then I got the hang of it and had so much fun.
We did Elsa's from you a Just a few designs "Wrap around Mini"
Check out some picture of the finished project.


  1. I love your creations! They are absolutely Gorgeous!

    I have nominated you for a little award on my blog (
    I am still locating blog's to award this too and it will be live on my blog in about an hour.

    Gems x

  2. Hi there...your projects turned out so good!! Im glad you used my project to teach and that everyone enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting on my blog!!! Krystal and I had tons of fun on our vacation!! You commented on the realtionship with you and your daughter in years to come...always tell her you love her, every day, don't lie to her and give her praise on everything she does. Krystal is my best friend and a wonderful daughter. She has my back and I would lay down my life for her. You are a sweet lady and your kids will be your best friends too, you watch.
    love ya
    hugs and kisses